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Current transformer/CT

Product name : Current transformer MFO

Product Type: MFO-30, MFO-40,

Product Description & Technical Data

Current transformers are manufactured according to the IEC-185 standard

Security factor: FS5

Operating temperature range: -20 ℃ – +45 ℃

The shell is made of flame retardant ABS plastic material,

The secondary current output terminal has a terminal protection cove.

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Current transformer/CT

body: plastic



Model Rated current once / twice(A) Bus mounting hole size specified load(VA) Accuracy level Rated voltage(V) Rated frequency(Hz)
MFO-30 30/5A-400/5A 30×10mm 1.5-5 1.0~0.5 600 50/60
MFO-40 150/5A-800/5A 40×10mm 5-10 1.0~0.5 600 50/60

Brand Risesun  

made in India


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